The history of the Moscow City Golf Club is directly
related to the history of the development of golf in
Russia, since it is the first golf club in the country.
It all started with the idea of the famous Swedish
hockey player and ex-world champion Sven Tumb-
Johansson, who by all means decided to build the
first golf course in Moscow.

1987 became a truly “turning point” in the history
of not only the sport, but also the political
development of the USSR. Sven Tumba-Johansson,
with the support of President Mikhail Gorbachev,
Russian Ambassador to Sweden Boris Pankin and
coach of the USSR national hockey team Anatoly
Tarasov, obtained permission to build the first golf
course in Moscow. He announced this achievement
to metropolitan celebrities at the height of the fun
on the Maxim Gorky motor ship, hired to walk along
the Moscow River, and, to crown the holiday, sent
several balls into the water straight from the deck.

On September 15, 1987, the long-awaited “laying
of the stone” took place on the urban wasteland on
Dovzhenko Street – famous athletes Pele, Mike Tyson,
Sven Tumba and Alexander Ragulin made symbolic
strikes with clubs. This day is considered to be the
founding day of the Moscow City Golf Club. And
almost a year later, the country’s first training field
was opened.



The subject of the Competition is The Moscow City Golf Club Reconstruction Concept.

Golf course

  • renovation and redesign of main courses

  • redesign of green complexes in accordance
    with USGA standards

  • renovation of all golf bunkers

  • reconstruction of T and an increase of the
    area of T on the holes of par 3 and par 4

  • driving range reconstruction

  • increase of short game zones

  • design watering system


  • design of 3 guest houses

  • proposals for the redesign of stored facades


  • landscape improvement project